What’s the Process behind FLUX?

Dario trained AI tools on his fluid art style, revealing a macro zoom into a unique and abstract world. He used Procreate, Midjourney & Photoshop to fine-tune all 999 artworks. All 999 artworks have been carefully selected from a pool of 5000 generated AI renderings.

Darios Inspiration to craft FLUX.

Join Dario De Siena on his creative journey into AI art. He worked hard, trying different things with AI over the last two months, experimenting and refining until he found a style he's proud of.

In FLUX,, Dario combines his existing liquid, lyrical style with new AI imaginings, revealing a unique insight into his artistic exploration.

His dedication to trying new things and embracing trial and error is evident in this collection, reflecting a continuous pursuit of innovation and allowing his distinctive aesthetic to flourish in the world of AI art.

Where will FLUX mint?

The FLUX collection is set to launch on the Solana blockchain, as Dario works to introduce something unique and unprecedented for his genesis SOL drop.

The Goal of FLUX

FLUX sets a new standard for AI-collaborative digital fine art, inspired by the dynamics of change, circulation, and creative flow.

How can I buy FLUX?

The collection is set to launch this February. Stay tuned for more details to be announced soon. Don't miss the launch—subscribe to Dario’s newsletter today. SUBSCRIBE HERE

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